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Professional text translator for documents, emails and websites

Automatic translators are often accused of being confusing and inaccurate. But if you look deeper, you can find translators that work quite well. @promt Professional English-Spanish is one of them.

This translator is in fact a suite of several small applications, all created and developed around one main objective: providing you with the fastest and most accurate translations between the English and the Spanish languages.

The collection of applications in @promt Professional English-Spanish includes dictionaries, text editors and a bunch of plug-ins that can be used in different programs (Internet Explorer, Firefox, ICQ, Office) to obtain instant translations on each one of them. Some people may find this modular approach handy, but I honestly think it makes the program difficult and uncomfortable to use – what's more, you can't have two of those apps running at the same time.

Regarding translations themselves, the truth is that @promt Professional English-Spanish offers fairly good results, always bearing in mind that automated translations are never perfect. It may not be perfectly native, but all translated texts were perfectly understandable and managed to deliver the message – which is the main purpose of language.

If you need fast and accurate translations from Spanish to English and vice versa, @promt Professional English-Spanish is the application you're looking for.


  • Includes specialized dictionaries
  • Great results in automatic translations
  • Can be embedded in other programs: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Office


  • Having so many small independent tools makes the program uncomfortable to use


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@promt Professional English-Spanish 8.0 for PC


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